Dr. David Schnarch: 6-day workshop for therapists

Topic 2019: intensive Workshop with a new concept of Crucible Neurobiological Therapy

– brain to brain therapy –

Learn to recognise and treat acute and chronic regressions caused by traumatic mind mapping

with Dr. David Schnarch in Helmstedt, Germany (near Braunschweig)

Workshop for therapists only. More information: https://crucibleinstitute.de/deutschland-cnt-intensiv-workshop-reihe#cnt3

Participation in a previous workshop is not a prerequisite for registration. It is useful to read Dr. David Schnarch’s book ’Brain Talk’ prior to participate in this training.
For more information see trailer below or https://crucible4points.com/brain-talk-overview

The entire workshop is in English and translated into German.

Day 1 – 6: Sun. 27.10. – Fri. 1.11.2019 Helmstedt
Day 1 – 6: Mon 25.5. – Sat 30.5.2020 Gut Helmeringen near Ulm
(all questions about Ulm, please contact Christoph Schubert, I can’t help you any further)

Ulm: Christoph Schubert and Gabi Mecklenbrauck
Phone: + 49-731-26400810
Email: gabi@mecklenbrauck-ulm.de

The intensive – workshop Helmstedt 2019 (and at ULM 2020):

Information to review can be found on Dr. David Schnarch’s website at: http://crucibleinstitute.de/euro/ and https://crucibleinstitute.de/deutschland-cnt-intensiv-workshop-reihe#cnt3

The registration process for all events can only be done through David’s website.

A video about the new book brain-talk of Dr. David Schnarch can be found here:

Workshop leader: Dr. David Schnarch

Workshop times:
Only on day 1 of the workshop: 10 – 18:00
Day 2 – 6: each 9 – 17:00

There is lunch and coffee breaks.

Sometimes there are evening sessions or homework for the evening, for example to read case material or write personal dialogues. Dr. David Schnarch decides this spontaneously at the workshop according to the workshop process.


Day 1 – 6: Political Educational Site Helmstedt (Politische Bildungsstätte), Am Bötschenberg 4, 38350 Helmstedt, Tel .: 05351 5851-0, www.pbh-hvhs.de

After registration and payment for the workshop, accommodation and meals can only be booked directly with the Politische Bildungsstätte. Please inform yourself about all local conditions by phone or via email there. The contact person is Frau Losch losch@pbh-hvhs.de or Tel: 05351 5851 – 0, Mo-Thu 7: 30-16: 30, Fri 8-14:00

Costs 2019: Day 1 – 6: € 825

Registration: only possible through Dr. David Schnarch’s website.

For registrations and any questions, in particular about the payment, please contact the administrator of the Crucible Institute website: Steve Schnarch: ssalivedgo@gmail.com

Dr. Birte Nachtwey
Phone: 07484715979
Email: contact@couples-and-sexualtherapy.co.uk